I had an awesome day out in the sun fishing with my friends at Pilot Bay. We didn’t catch a big fish but did watch the guy next to us reel in 2 big fish!

Matapihi Bridge

Our guys group went for a walk on the Matapihi bridge we went all the way to the end yeehah

Tuapiro point

 Today I went on a trip to tuapiro point it was an awesome day we had heaps of fun can’t wait to do it again 

Bingo at Fraser Manor Rest Home

 I had so much fun playing bingo with the old folks at Fraser Manor Rest Home. 

Art art art

Me and my friend Scotty are painting this big round board to represent what our ideal planet would be like and once it’s done it will be going into the sensory room! 😀  

Kite flying

 I had a good time in guys group trying to get the plane kite up on the air. It went a little way in the air but didn’t stay up for long. We are going to try again on a windier day! Then I had a play at the park.